Reviews Written for the Love of Whisk(e)y

Many times, a reviewer of good whisky (or whiskey, depending on your preference) sets out to tell the world what is, or isn’t a good dram to have in your glass. This has a history of making the whisky world seem a place for elitists and creates a hard barrier of entry for those looking to dabble in the worlds scotch, bourbon, or other whiskies.

The goal of iHeartWhisk(e)y is to eliminate the barrier that keeps those who want to love whisky from beginning their journey. We’ll never tell you whether or not a bottle or label is “good.” Our goal is to help identify the aspects of the whiskies we review. We’ll tell you our impression of its body, of its flavors, and of its finish so you can compare these to what you know you like already. We also make recommendations as to what may work best for beginners and which whiskies are better suited for seasoned drinkers looking to continue their journey.

There are going to be times you’ll disagree with some of the things we write and that’s okay! We invite you to leave comments with your own findings so we can have this glorious thing called a discussion and further our knowledge together!

Happy Drinking!